Tuesday, June 8, 2010

supertarget deals 7/08/10

ok, so this is where i'm posting any sweet deals i find around town. i feel ridiculous sending you all emails on "deals", which might be annoying. so instead, just come here and you can see some bargain hunting glory. here is what i found grocery shopping today at supertarget.

if i'm posting groceries, you know it will be organic/natural. go with it.

usually i alternate between shopping at whole foods and supertarget. i have found i can get the best deals at these two places in general and stay IN BUDGET. can i get a what what?!

no? mkay, i'll stop.

here's how you get the deals:
go to http://www.coupons.com/ and print out the coupons for the products you see for cascadian farms, muir glenn, and any other product you usually buy.

there are coupons ON kashi cereal boxes for $1 off kashi cookies,bars,crackers. you'll want to snag those. no, it's not illegal at all.

there are coupons on shout bottles for $.50 off. make sure you present that at the register. i had another shout coupon for $1 off that i found ON the huggies diapers i was buying. (there is a $3 off coupon for huggies at coupons.com as well).

there is $1 off coupon ON the cheerio boxes. the cereal was already a low price of $2.54. if you are going to buy 2 boxes, snag 2 $1 off coupons off the boxes and you can go to supertarget.com and grab this $. 75 off coupon as well. you will be basically paying a buck a box. BOOYA.

the individual serve organic raisins are always $1.62. cheap!

ghiradelli choco chips are always $2.54. haven't seen them anywhere else that cheap. and these are the best.

target offers hormone free cheese, milk, cream cheese, and butter for super cheap. look for the little cow symbol on the package... that means rbst free. and who wants to have thier period at age 8 anyway? not my little girl.

now get to shopping, my bargain hunting friends.


  1. Sweet! I LOVE that you are doing this! It perfectly combines my need to buy organic food and my husbands "need" to maintain the Good family budget=) I had no idea you could get so much hormone free food at Target. I just keep falling more in love with that store...

  2. dude, i know. that place is incredible. and incredibly bad for the old budget. whatever, with all the deals i'm scoring, i can buy other things...right? ha.

  3. woo hoo! jami deals on a blog of it's very own. i will be partaking.

  4. This is great! can I add your blog to my blog? I have a list of couponing websites I follow.
    I know I need to go organic..my mom's been preaching at me for YEARS.... I can't seem to give up the Dr P and cheetos :)

  5. rene, of course you can add me to your blog. don't mind!

    get to going organic. slowly. you don't have to give up DP or cheetos just yet!


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