Tuesday, June 29, 2010

free chic-fil-a...glorious

ok, so mark your calendars for cow appreciation day at chic-fil-a on July 9th. you get a free meal for dressing like a cow. or just wearing some kind of cow print. or a cow bell. or those hooves you have laying around. as long as you have some kind of cow-ish apparel on, you're good!

and also, today(june 29) is the last day for the big sale at old navy. everything(including clearance and sale) is 30% off. the coupon code for online shopping is ONBIG30...but save yourself some shipping and just get your shop on locally.

later gators.

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  1. We totally rocked some cow couture for free food last year. It's not even embarrassing because everyone else there looks ridiculous, too. :)



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