Tuesday, August 31, 2010

free business cards and whole foods sales.

so MOO business cards has a fun free sample out. 10 free business cards(no shipping cost either) with your uploaded design.you can upload 10 designs and they'll print each one...really cool.  they will put their logo on the bottom, but you can easily cut it off if it bugs you. go here to get them!

and also, just side note: i went to whole foods today and bought a ton of stuff...week's groceries...for $84.

 some grocery highlights:

2 lbs of chicken(frozen) $9.99
1lb of ground beef $3.50
3 jars of peanut butter(i had a coupon and had to by 3...but i got 3 big jars for $4--booya!)
lots of fruit and veggies
couple bags of cereal 2 for $5 !
 2 bags of potato chips 4 for $5
cereal bars $2.50
cookies 2 for $4
crackers 2 for $4
BBQ sauce $1.47(major sale in this isle, along with natural charcoal and such)
3 clif bars 3 for $2 (had a coupon for a dollar off in front of store newsletter)
(kids)yogurt tubes $2.68 (again, coupon for a dollar off in front of store newsletter)

and they are having a one day sale tomorrow where watermelon is $1.99...so get out there!

and as always, grab the coupons from the front of the store.just sayin...

Monday, August 30, 2010

in love again.

so there is a site called livingsocial.com that works much like groupon. check it out!
today's deal is unlimited yoga and pilates for $15 (for a month)...that is a sweet deal. if only i would get into excersizing again.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

free rachel ray magazine!

whole foods one day sale this wednesday, the 25th, has a great deal on turkey!
and apparently, you can get a free rachel ray subscription for a year if you go here! no strings attached...WHOA!
***looks like if you didn't get it yesterday, you didn't get it at all...bummer!***

snapfish pictures

if you need to develope those pictures you have all up in your computer, snapfish has a good deal going on. 50 prints for $5...they mail it to you, shipping included, no fuss. no picking them up. and it's pretty good quality.
go here...

coupon code: AUG50PRINTS

Saturday, August 21, 2010

bagel bucket love!

get half off a bagel bucket at einstein bagels!

valid saturday's and sunday's only. it expires sept.1, so if not this weekend, maybe next? i think the buckets are normally 13 bucks and you get 12 bagels and a thing of cream cheese or 2. so, pretty good deal for $6.50.

go here to get your coupon.

also, if you sign up for their email club, you get a buy one get one free sandwich. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

groupon GAP deal...today only!

did ya'll see the groupon today?? IF you can access their site...everyone wants this deal!

$50 worth of GAP apparel and accessories including sale items at any GAP store nationwide for only $25! go here to get your deal...

plus GAP is having a buy one pair of jeans, get the second for $10. combine that with your certificate and your fall wardrobe is complete!

The Fine Print:
* Expires 11/20/10. Limit 1 per person. Valid in-store at US and Canada Stores Only. Not valid on online purchases, previous purchases, GAP Outlet, GAP Factory, or GAP Generations. See site for more details.
also, if you have your eye on something(including sales) at potterybarn, they are offering 10% off your ONLINE purchase today only as well. use coupon code FKHJ-PQWT-J9VG

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

birthday freebies.

around your birthday, you should get gifts from everyone, including your favorite restaurants.

houlihan's gives you a free entree coupon for your birthday just for signing up for their email club.

eggtc does too! but you can't sign up online...you have to go in there. slightly annoying, but whatever.

sheridan's gives you a free concrete or sundae for signing up on their site. and so does dairy queen.

if your kid's love sonic, they have give you a free kid's meal for their bday. arby's does too...although, i haven't been there ever. just sayin'.

basically, if you have a favorite restaurant, sign up on their site and you'll get some freebies.

you will get fat on your birthday, but c'mon...it's fun!

p.s. did you see cafe europa's deal on groupon today? this place is fab... go here to check it out.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

seriously free business cards.

starbucks is giving away free business cards. like very casual business cards...because you can't put your address and you have to pick a title from a list they have...but they are funny. i got some for layne, because, hey...what 4 year old doesn't need a playdate card these days. just sayin.

go here to get your cards!

and since we're talkin' business, go here to get some free post it notes. booya, office supplies!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

grocery dizadee-deals.

sweet deals this week at a couple grocery stores:

organic grapes $1.99lb
organic peaches $1.99lb

also at PC from aug. 12-14th
musselman's natural applesauce is 79 cents for a 6 pack. this is a good one.
colgate toothpaste is 79 cents as well. if you can combine this with a coupon from the paper, it'll probably be fa-ree!

at HYVEE, crayons, glue, and spiral notebooks are 19 cents a piece. cheapola. even if your kids aren't in school yet, these are great to donate. that rhymes...i'm good like that. and speaking of school supplies, boxes of kleenex are a buck as well.

and at HEN HOUSE,
3lb bag of organic onions are $3.49
pack of organic romaine hearts 2 for $6
organic avocados $1
farm fresh gallon of milk is $2.98

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a little giveaway.

my friend chelsea, who lives in KC, is doing a giveaway on her blog to promote her new etsy shop. freakin' adorable stuff...go leave a comment and enter to win a freebie!

Monday, August 9, 2010

organic samples and coupons

i love free samples. and i love when they are organic and all natural.

free sample organic baby formula from earth's best.

LOTS of coupons from organic valley when you sign up to get their newsletter. you can print some of them off at their site as well. (this brand is sold at whole foods)

if you eat annie's maccaroni or cereal, you can get a free lunch sack(with 2 upc's).
**annies mac n cheese is $1 this week at target...woo woo!**

even dog's deserve natural food! here is a free sample of a BAG of dog food.

of course, sign up on kashi. they send out free samples occasionally and you can get coupons on their site anytime!

and then, before you go to whole foods, check out mambo sprouts coupon page for any printable coupons you might use.

get your frugal-ness on!

Friday, August 6, 2010

laser hair removal!

ya'll, today's groupon deal is the stuff dreams are made of. 6 laser hair removal sessions for $125!! a $675 value. booya chin hairs...take that!

click here to read more about the deal. and then BUY this. for me and for all the mom's out there with sunlight gleaming off their mustache hairs.

man....where can i find an extra $125 laying around the house?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

get your joe card, peoples!

have ya'll heard about myjoecard? it's totally free. you sign up for this free card and then get discounts at local restaurants or businesses around kc.

for instance, you can get a dozen donuts half price at lamar's donuts if you flash your joe card. can i get a what what?

and you can get a free appetizer at blue moose when you buy 2 entrees. and did you know it's $10 bottle of wine night on tuesday nights? my friend bethany let me in on that little secret. i don't drink, but it sure was fun watching my friends get a little tipsy that night. you know who you are!

you can even score a discount at pizza hut, starlight theatre, the hyatt at crown center, or lidia's.

now go get your 'sign up' on...

Monday, August 2, 2010

free classes at william's sonoma

do you love this picture? me too. sarcasm alert!

anyway, all year long, williams sonoma has technique classes going on for free. i've never been, so i don't know the quality of the class. but whatever...it's free. can you complain?

this saturday's short demonstration is creative cupcakes...that one looks kind of cute. anyway, the full calendar is here. check it out! but the full demonstrations are below:

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