Monday, June 14, 2010

organic blueberries .99 cents!

**i think this was a 2 day might call before you go in.**
my friend kristin just told me that a pint of organic blueberries is 0.99 cents at pricechopper. who gets excited over such bargains...i know, redonkulous.

run, don't walk, and buy a lot of these. put them in your freezer and use for later! sidenote: i love letting lila eat frozen blueberries, as they don't juice everywhere and make a mess. also, they feel good on her gums when she's teething.

sorry to talk so much about blueberries this week. i will redeem myself in later posts. i hope.

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  1. I stopped in Hen House on Saturday and purchased 1 pint Driscoll's Organic Blueberries for $.99. The $1.88 HH deal on the pint was a 2 day sale running Saturday and Sunday only.


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