Saturday, June 12, 2010

pint of organic blueberries for $1.88!

i was just running into hen house for milk today and saw that a pint of organic bluberries is $1.88! (it is advertised as $3.99 in the ads). great deal...

also, i love that hen house sells Good Natured Family Farms(GNFF) products. i buy their milk when i'm in the area--which is $3.95 for a gallon. more expensive than target or costco's hormone free milk, but it's a lot better quality. and less expensive than paying $6 for a gallon of organic milk at whole foods.


they also sell GNFF eggs-$2.75 per dozen which is not bad at all. once you taste good eggs from farm raised chickens, you never go back to the sad, caged-up kind again. DEE-sgusting.


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  1. i mean, did you really have to add the pic of caged chickens. geez.


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