Friday, June 25, 2010

super crazy sale at GAP

well i've had a crazy-ass, sad week so i decided to do some shopping today. it's called retail therapy. OMG, have ya'll gone to the GAP? everything on sale is an additional 40% off. i was in heaven. it was cheaper than walmart and target clearance.

for instance, i got a pair of baby boy khakis for $1.50. and a pair of jeans for layne for $6. i got a onesie for $2. it was crazy. GO!

(i was at the town center location, but the deal is at any GAP)

also, the bras at victoria secret are $15. i hate to spend a ton of money on underwares, but for as long as these bras last, totally worth it. oh and undies are $3. cheap, cheap, cheap.

i think these sales end tomorrow, so get to gettin'.

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