Monday, July 26, 2010

you know i love whole foods

ok, so here is the sale ad this week for whole foods.

some of my faves this week:
organic grapes are $1.99/lb
organic cantalopes are 2 for $5
organic zuccini is 10 for $10
organic red and green leaf lettuce are 10 for $10.

lots of good produce on sale!

also, i didn't know this until today, but whole foods has some printable coupons on thier site. finally... go here but make sure you pick up the coupon book right when you walk in. that has a ton more in it!

ALSO, if you go to supertarget to grocery shop(you should), they have a ton of printable KASHI coupons on their site.

get to shoppin'!

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  1. whoot, I will soon live closer to the best grocery store ever. Some call it whole paycheck, ha ha, but I love the deals!


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