Tuesday, July 27, 2010

cheap cheesecake. cheep nursing covers. free hot tamales!

enjoy this random spattering of free and cheap things.

for a free sample of hot tamales, go here. who doesn't love getting candy in the mail?

for a cheap baby shower gift, go to uddercovers.com for a free nursing cover. they are adorable! the shipping is $10...so it's not actually free. but what a bargain. make sure to put this in the coupon code box: THANKS

and also, july 30th is national cheescake day...so cheescake factory is selling cheesecake for half off. here is a link for a coupon that will allow you to get your dessert for $1.50. woo hoo! (thanks adrienne mcgee for this info!)

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  1. the uddercover models are hilarious... I never realized nursing was considered sexy! maybe they thought they were posing for Victoria's Secret?

    Great deals! Thanks!


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