Tuesday, July 13, 2010

hen house in the HOUSE. and hy-vee too.

hey granola friends,
hen house has all their good natured family farms beef and chicken for %25 off and GNFF milk is $2.99 galloon. i mean, you're going to pay that much for a for a gallon regardless, so why don't you switch it up to something non-hormonal this week?

and at hyvee, their roses are 2 for $1. don't know what kind of quality you'll get...but who cares. they are cheap-ola.

and at hyvee you'll also find:
natural hunt's ketchup is 88cents
organic cereal bars 2 for $5
blueberries are 88cents. not organic...boo!
newman's own pasta sauce is $2.37

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  1. Hey did you see the groupon today? Also Whole foods off Metcalf is having a TODAY only huge summer sale. I only saw it because I get updates on facebook. LUV


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