Friday, August 6, 2010

laser hair removal!

ya'll, today's groupon deal is the stuff dreams are made of. 6 laser hair removal sessions for $125!! a $675 value. booya chin hairs...take that!

click here to read more about the deal. and then BUY this. for me and for all the mom's out there with sunlight gleaming off their mustache hairs.

man....where can i find an extra $125 laying around the house?


  1. i thought about asking for it for a really early christmas present.

  2. I know you're talking about me. I totally saw you checking out my beard at the softball game last week.

  3., you were checking out MY mustache. seriously, i just asked my mom to get this for me and audrey for xmas. LOL. i NEEd this, mother.

  4. Today was my last treatment and I feel so awesome!! It's wonderful to look into the mirror and see beautiful, hairless skin. I love my results so much that I'm thinking about getting my underarms done. 


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