Tuesday, August 31, 2010

free business cards and whole foods sales.

so MOO business cards has a fun free sample out. 10 free business cards(no shipping cost either) with your uploaded design.you can upload 10 designs and they'll print each one...really cool.  they will put their logo on the bottom, but you can easily cut it off if it bugs you. go here to get them!

and also, just side note: i went to whole foods today and bought a ton of stuff...week's groceries...for $84.

 some grocery highlights:

2 lbs of chicken(frozen) $9.99
1lb of ground beef $3.50
3 jars of peanut butter(i had a coupon and had to by 3...but i got 3 big jars for $4--booya!)
lots of fruit and veggies
couple bags of cereal 2 for $5 !
 2 bags of potato chips 4 for $5
cereal bars $2.50
cookies 2 for $4
crackers 2 for $4
BBQ sauce $1.47(major sale in this isle, along with natural charcoal and such)
3 clif bars 3 for $2 (had a coupon for a dollar off in front of store newsletter)
(kids)yogurt tubes $2.68 (again, coupon for a dollar off in front of store newsletter)

and they are having a one day sale tomorrow where watermelon is $1.99...so get out there!

and as always, grab the coupons from the front of the store.just sayin...


  1. Headin' to Whole Foods tomorrow. Will be on the lookout for the great deals. I just hope I can get out of there only spending $84.

  2. I'm needing a new set of business cards. My friend recommended me print peppermint. Excited to check em out since I’ve heard goof reviews about them.


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