Thursday, August 12, 2010

grocery dizadee-deals.

sweet deals this week at a couple grocery stores:

organic grapes $1.99lb
organic peaches $1.99lb

also at PC from aug. 12-14th
musselman's natural applesauce is 79 cents for a 6 pack. this is a good one.
colgate toothpaste is 79 cents as well. if you can combine this with a coupon from the paper, it'll probably be fa-ree!

at HYVEE, crayons, glue, and spiral notebooks are 19 cents a piece. cheapola. even if your kids aren't in school yet, these are great to donate. that rhymes...i'm good like that. and speaking of school supplies, boxes of kleenex are a buck as well.

and at HEN HOUSE,
3lb bag of organic onions are $3.49
pack of organic romaine hearts 2 for $6
organic avocados $1
farm fresh gallon of milk is $2.98

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