Monday, March 28, 2011

ok i'm obsessed. have ya'll heard of amazon's program, amazonmom?

have you guys heard about this? has a program called get FREE prime shipping(2 day shipping) on most things. diapers, wipes, formula...anything. plus, click the "subscribe and save" button on the side when ordering, and they give you 30% off your order.  you can cancel this subscription easily after you order, so don't worry about that. just make sure to click on it.
Welcome to Amazon Mom
so for instance, i can go to costco and buy a box of huggies, size 4/ 200 count for $50. that's 25 cents a diaper. not horrible.

but if you go to amazon and sign up for amazonmom, you can get pampers, size 4 /198 count for $28.62. that's 16 cents a diaper! hello, that makes a huge difference!!

so anyway, i am obsessed with it. because shipping is free and it comes in 2 days. plus it's a ca-trillion dollars cheaper than anywhere i've seen. BAM!

sign up asap...


  1. seriously I had no idea! That's amazing!! Sorry but $28.62 instead of $50! BAM! I love Sweet deals in KC blog!!

  2. Did you know I read this blog even though I don't live in KC? I'm super cool. My purchase history in Amazon is SHAMEFUL. And my neighbors must think I'm carrying on an affair with the UPS man. It's bad.

  3. yes, i love amazon mom. I think it is also a nice thing with a newborn to get something delivered to your house! When Vera was first born it was a highlight of my day :)


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