Thursday, January 6, 2011

half off whole foods "gift boxes" from living social!

ok, so this is a great deal in dayton...but it doesn't matter if you don't live there. you can still get this deal and, shipping is included...booya.

from the living social page:
Today, Whole Foods Market has got you covered with five different gift box choices that are each 50% off. Stop running past what's-her-name's cubicle every day; spend $30 and treat her to either a Gift of Grub gift box featuring sausage, shortbread, nuts, and caramels 
The Gift of Grub gift box
or a You're Zenzational box full of bath supplies (regularly $60). 
You're Zenzational gift box

Spend only $25 and choose from either a You Rock Box o' Choc or Get Warm, Get Fuzzy gift box (a $50 value). 
Get Warm, Get Fuzzy gift box
You Rock Box o' Choc gift box
Or, send an appropriately vague greeting and invite her to open a Ciao Down gift box full of Italian foods for only $20 (a $40 value). 
Ciao Down gift box

if you are a first timer signing up for livingsocial deals, i believe you get a $5 credit. so you could get a whole bunch of organic food shipped to you for $15!

sign up here:
if it takes you to kansas city page, look on the left where it says "more deals" and click on that. then find dayton.

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